Back to Kimono School - 着物学院に行く

Finally, after over one month's absence from kimono school I returned for another class. I quickly realized that I had reinterpreted and recreated a new way of dressing. Unintentionally, I had forgotten some parts and the order of things and had been dressing in my own fashion. A bit like putting together a piece of IKEA furniture without following the directions.


Thus each time I dressed myself over the past month, I would inevitably have some pieces left over. Oops. And what a difference proper technique makes. I felt much more comfortable. My sensei adjusted where I've been tying my obi to be higher (right below the chest) and tighter and all of a sudden the kimono feels much more comfortable (and comforting - a bit like a cocoon).


I also learned a new knot. This hanabunko (flower box) is meant to look like a flower on top of a letterbox. Now that kimono school has started in earnest, I'll be attending 3 classes per month and soon - will graduate to a Nagoya (full-width) obi! I can't wait!


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