Out in the Snow − 雪の中

I'm not too keen on going out in kimono in inclement weather. In fact, I complained the last time when it was just 8°C, so you can imagine how resistant I was to go out in 2°C  and it was snowing! But, I was invited to a friend's dance show and couldn't miss it. I was excited to wear my new kimono and to test my theory about how warm my wrap would be, so I got dressed and headed out.


The night of dance was lovely and the effort delivered the greatest compliment of the project so far! It came from a taxi driver who, because of my umbrella couldn't see my face until I was seated in his taxi, but upon seeing my face he exclaimed "Oh, I thought you were Japanese!" Yay!


I was warm. This wool/fur combination worked wonderfully! Even in the snow. I still have long underwear on, but am getting better at hiding it!  And all this took only 30 minutes to get dressed!! Woo-hoo, getting closer to my 5-10 minute goal!


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