Reflections on Kimono - 着物について

Even though, in Tokyo, the summer heat is still here, August 31 marks the end of 'yukata season', and marks the time to get back into hitoe (single layer kimono). After looking so forward to yukata season, I have to say, it wasn't my favourite. One of the reasons was my lack of wardrobe options. One of my inspirations to begin this project was to explore the eco-fashion side of kimono. Kimono is a perfect example of eco-fashion; they are usually recycled, or passed down, and worn again and again. Yukata (lightweight summer cotton kimono), on the other hand, was impossible to find recycled (in my size), so as I had to buy a new one, I decided to limit my purchase to one. This meant that I wore the same yukata for 2 months, and to be honest, I found it tiresome. At least with kimono, I have 5 to choose from, and feel like I have some variety.

The second reason why yukata season was less exciting in reality, than in my dreams, had to do with the weather. It was soooo hot this summer, that every time I wore my yukata, I felt like I sweat so much, that I had to wash (and press) it for the next time. Does everyone also do this. For some reason, I was afraid to re-press without washing, and yet - I couldn't re-wear the yukata after wearing it all day without re-pressing it. It was a lot of work.


 So now we are back to hitoe season (the month of June and the month of September) and then, I'm quite excited, back to full kimono season in October.




  1. The opposite of me, I prefer yukata to kimono, and started to wear kimono only as a substitute for yukata in the non-summer months.

  2. Someone really should have helped you find a ramie-cotton blend kimono you can throw in the washing machine and let drip-dry; no need to iron and relatively indestructable.


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