Nagoya-obi day - 名古屋帯の日

I was back in kimono school this week, working on graduating from a Hanhaba (half width) obi to a Nagoya (full-width, or as I been cheekingly calling it the "grown-up") obi. Next time I'll try to get a picture of me enroute to kimono school. I prepare my hair and make-up and then pack all my kimono things into a paper-bag and head out in my street clothes and in tabi (kimono socks) and zōri (kimono shoes).  All in an effort to reduce the number of things I have to carry around after I'm dressed.


The Nagoya obi is intricate and requires more pieces and a vision of the end result so that the pieces you add end up in the right direction (pattern out or pattern up for example). Here I am in my obi-ita (obi board) - which I think my sensei would think is a little revealing, but if you don't mind I don't mind. And I am trying to get my obiage (the silk scarf accessory) in position. It has to be prepared, so the most intricate part (either weaving or embroidery) is facing up when all is tied and done.


I got dressed and tied my Otaiko (drum bow), but then when my teachers heard I was going to go out to a function in my kimono, they quickly untied my obi and re-adjusted and re-tied me (to ensure all lines were beautiful!) So kind! Someone recently commented to me that they don't like to wear kimono because it's so tight, but it feels comforting to me. Especially after two women tied me into it, with such kindness and care - afterward I felt like I was walking around in their hug!


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