Reflections on Kimono − 着物について

credit: ask.com
By their very nature kimono are delicate and need extra care; most are silk and require special cleaning. This means that in order to look as beautiful as possible, each one needs to be folded and put away with care after each wear. This helps to preserve the garment and to keep it from creasing when stored. Kimonos are often stored wrapped in paper called tatōshi.


This may prove to be the most challenging part for me. By the time I'm ready to take my kimono off, I'm really ready to just have it off (in a pile, like the rest of my clothes) - but it requires an additional 10 to 20 minutes, to fold everything and put it all away.


I have a great canvas storage box I bought at Ikea years ago, and it holds all the kimono pieces perfectly and fits neatly under my sofa. Waiting until the next kimono day.


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