Reflections on Kimono - 着物について

model: Tamaki Hiroshi - 玉木宏

Remember back in June - I was reflecting on how a kimono is like a super-hero costume for generating kind comments and sentiments? Well, turns out I'm not the only one who recognizes this!


Last week, a friend introduced me to a man in kimono; a very daper, well-heeled man in kimono. Turns out this man-in-kimono owns a kimono company in Kyoto, spent some time in Canada when he was younger, is about the same age as me. Needless to say, we had plenty to talk about. When we got to the topic of kimono - he has had similar experiences to mine - but better! He started wearing kimono full- time about 5 years ago and he said he has noticed that the service he gets (stores, shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.) is better by merely being in kimono. And he's not alone. He said some of his customers have reported being seated before other patrons in restaurants, getting better tables, even getting better cuts of sushi - all by wearing kimono.


Now, the service is Japan is stellar. Really. Imagining it being better is difficult. But is it true? Is there a subtle industry deference to traditional dress? Are kimono wearers reaping secret benefits? If you're still not convinced to get out your kimono by the stories in this blog, aren't you at least tempted by the lure of a 'better piece of sushi?'


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