Kimono in Canada - Part II - カナダで着物 パート2

I'm from Toronto, in Canada. And the current fad in Toronto for the last couple of years has been sushi! So much so that now it seems like there is a sushi restaurant on every block! But wait - before you run off to Toronto to test for yourself - let me tell you that the 'food & safety council' passed a measure that all 'raw' sushi has to be flash frozen first (to allegedly kill off parasites and other nasties) - but, as you can imagine, what it really kills off is the flavour! But, beggars and can't be choosers and Torontonians are crazy for sushi!


And, in the last year or so even the concept of Izakya has started. Toronto seems crazy for Japan! Food, anyways. Kimono, not so much! When we headed down to the popular waterfront for a little photoshoot, I was completely surprised that no one stopped to notice the kimono. No one even took a second glance. Nothing. The only attention I could get was from the swans! And even that took some work! (I'm whistling at them).


In the end, the swans did come over but they were the only one who gave me any mind. I have no idea why the passer-bys weren't intrigued or curious about a non-Japanese woman in kimono? I don't think I've ever seen a woman in kimono on the street, or at the waterfront in Toronto, so it's not like Torontotonians are 'over it'. Maybe they just thought I was wearing a long black dress. Back to Japan, time to leave the grey and brown behind and get back to smiling faces and cherry blossoms.


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  1. Seeing Toronto view with kimono is really sweet ! I was expecting people to make bad comment or look strange at you ....but probably that 'bigger' city is more like you ignore what is different. If I would wore a Yukata in my hometown I would get really strange look from the people! I'm sure of that. More the city is small ...more you get that kind of high effect ...but probably not the best. I got a different style of clothes from usual people here ...and when I was walking with my cousin ...she said that was weird to walk with me because almost all people passing by was looking back at me. Luckily I dont seem to see it lol. I'm off topic sorry !


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