Zōri have arrived - 草履が届いた

My zōri (traditonal kimono shoes) finally arrived today! I had them custom made and I'm so happy because they are so big! I've been watching women and their zōri lately, and I know what my kimono-sensei told me, but I think modern girls are wearing them bigger (and thus more comfortably). These aren't as wide as my feet, but they are exactly the same length which means when I start to wear them properly (pulling my toes back and not wearing them like flip-flops) my heel will hang over!! Yay!


So here's the before and after transformations shots. Bye-bye boots, hello zōri. Just by virtue of the colour, perhaps, everything looks softer after the kimono dressing.


Today was a balmy 8°C (ha - try wearing a silk garment and thinking that's mild) so I headed down to the Meguro river for a quick photoshoot. Trying not to look cold or show the wind. The zōri can make a loud flip-flop sound, so I was practicing talking smaller steps and diminishing the sound. More practice needed!


And here I am proudly showing off the result of Sato-san's 'secret technique' for making a straight line on the fold of the Kimono! And if you are looking for a great demonstration on how to tie hira obi, check out this link! I can get dressed in under an hour now!


On the way home we stopped at a great new store that has opened on Yamate Dori, in Nakameguro, called Migratory. Everything in this beautiful store is handmade and they carry a small, select collection of housewares, bags, stationary and textiles. Oops, you can see my underlayer peeking out!


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