Kimono in Canada - Part 1 - カナダで着物 パート1

It was my father-in-law's 70th birthday so we decided to surprise him and make a trip back to Canada for his birthday. Of course, kimono had to go too! So on the right-hand side of my suitcase were all my winter clothes (it can still snow and be miserable at this time of year) and on the left hand-side was my kimono. Not surprisingly, the kimono (I only took two) took up a lot less room than the street clothes.


We stayed for a few days with a friend and I was so pleased to see that I picked the perfect kimono to match his house! Almost like it was a planned photo shoot, but it wasn't. I had never been to his house before.


The weather held out, and it only snowed once, and my father-in-law was so surprised, and happy he said it was his best birthday ever!


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