Blue Kimono - Daimaru - 青い着物ー大丸

Now we are back in Tokyo and spring has sprung. How green and lush compared to Toronto! This is the first kimono I ever bought. I went with a friend to a big year-end sale at Daimaru department store at the end of 2010, just before The Year in Kimono project began. This kimono is recycled and was the only one in the entire store that was my size. Because I am 172 cm tall, it is a challenge to find recycled kimono that fit me. Not just in the length, but more importantly in the arms. My friend and I must have searched through hundreds before finding this one. And I loved it on first sight. The colour is beautiful and I love the way the silk changes and gets darker the closer it gets to the ground; making it perfect for everyday wear and hiding dirt. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s perfect to head outside for a walk. I took a stroll to the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, which is located in Nakameguro. It’s outdoor areas include a garden of figurative studies; a wonderful peaceful spot to sit and contemplate life, and enjoy the spring.


- published in a/r/e/c/o/l/e monthly magazine, May Issue.   アレコレ月刊の5月号に出版

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