Perfecting the Obi - 帯の仕上げ

There is so much to remember about kimono, and now I am starting to learn more about Obi (the sash that keeps it all together). There are many different types of women's obi, and their use is regulated by many unwritten rules not unlike those that concern the kimono itself. Certain types of obi are used with certain types of kimono; the obis of married and unmarried women are tied in different ways. Often the obi adjusts the formality and fanciness of the whole kimono outfit: the same kimono can be worn to very different situations depending on what kind of obi is worn with it.


Nijūdaiko musubi (二重太鼓 two layer drum). It is, as its name suggests, a version of the common taiko musubi, worn with the formal fukuro obi. The two layer knot has an auspicious double meaning of "double joy" and is worn for formal occasions.


The tying of this can best be described as an acrobatic affair best suited for those double-jointed in their shoulders. Unlike my usual Hanhaba obi (half width obi) which I tie in the front and then twist to the back, this Nijūdaiko is arranged and set in place - all from the back! Very tiring on the triceps, but soooo pretty!


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