Out in the back garden - お庭で

No, I don't have a garden. Most people in Tokyo don't. There just isn't the space for it. But like most Japanese, I crave nature and love being near lush vegetation. It's a stark contrast from the mass amounts of buildings that are here, in the world's largest city. And, as we are still experiencing aftershocks (and some new earthquakes thrown in for good measure), I like to get outside to soothe my soul.


When the March 11 earthquake struck most things (like gas, phone lines and, in some places, electricity) shut off. So I wasn't expecting this water fountain to be functioning. Oops!! Most things in Japan are getting back to normal, and the water fountain is no exception!


I just sat for a while, collecting my thoughts, breathing in the fresh air and thinking about how lucky I am to be able to enjoy Tokyo in the springtime.


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