Graduation kimono - 卒業式の着物

No, I haven't finished my kitsuke (kimono wearing lessons), but at my school students who finish two months of lessons are gifted with a kimono!! Yay! Due to the March 11 earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan and my trip to Canada, this graduation came later then it should have, but it was exciting nonetheless!


I already have 4 kimono, but as it is the end of April, I am getting a little weary of wearing the same four kimono for the last four months. However, that was part of my challenge - to learn to break away from my western perspective of 'consumptive culture' and wearing fast fashion (clothes that are produced on trend, cheaply) and gain a new appreciation for pieces (like kimono) that I can wear again and again. And I love each and every one of my kimonos.


But, one more can't hurt! Especially in such a pretty, spring-like colour! Here I am, at Dean & Deluca, mixing my western tastes for espresso coffee and pastries with my Japanese apparel.

とは言って、もう一つぐらいあってもいいかな!春っぽくて、かわいらしい色のがいいなぁ!Dean & Deluca で私は、コーヒーとペイストリーの味を和風の服装をミックスしてみました。

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