Sakura Kimono in Toronto - トロントでの桜着物

We took a trip to Canada this past month to celebrate my father-in-law’s 70th birthday. Of course, kimono went with me and I have to say, I was very surprised by the reactions (or lack of reactions) I received from my fellow Canadians. When I wear kimono in Tokyo, especially in my neighbourhood, I usually get a lot of reactions. Sometimes it’s a head nod or a smile, sometimes a low whispered ‘kirei’ or ‘suteki’ as I pass. But when I wore it in Toronto, the reaction was indifferent; most people didn’t even take notice. We headed down to the popular waterfront to take some pictures and didn’t catch the notice of any of the runners, cyclists or dogwalkers on the boardwalk. No one gave me a second look, a nod, nothing. Perhaps they don't recognize kimono if it's not on maiko or geisha? I have no idea why, I was very surprised.
Oh well, we had fun trying to bring some spring to Toronto in my sakura kimono. Spring comes later in Canada, when after the snow melts, we are blessed with tulips and daffodils instead of sakura.


- originally published in a/r/e/c/o/l/e/ monthly magazine May Issue /5月号のアレコレ月刊で出品されました。

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  1. カナダへ行った事ないから分からないけど、日本よりエスニックと文化の相違が多々でしょうかね。日本にいる日本人が、着物を着る「外人」に向かって「奇麗」とか「素敵」や言う事は差別だと思いませんか。かなしい事に、人種差別が多い日本を文化相違が多いカナダと比べて見たら、カナダの方がフレンドリーですからね。


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