Sakura is coming - いよいよ桜

This is written mostly for my Western readers: The weather in Japan is temperate. I just came back from Canada, and had to suffer -22°C. Most of Japan, especially Tokyo, doesn't see that kind of weather; here it's mild in the winter and hot in the summer. I think that's one of the reasons why the changing of the seasons is so celebrated. The weather itself doesn't change much at this time of year but the cherry blossoms signal the beginning of a new fiscal and school year, and the end to winter. The precise date of the opening of the blossoms has been forecast, and for Tokyo, the forecast is stating March 26!  Parties will begin. Picnics will take place under the blossoms. And women will get out their kimono and dress for the season. I can't wait.

この記載は、主に欧米人の読者さん達向けです: 日本は温暖な天気です。カナダで‐22度の気温の中で震えてた私とっては、幸いなことです。あまり日本、特に東京では、それほどな気温には下がりませんね。冬は穏やか、夏は暑いですね。これによって季節の転換を祝うようになったのかしら。今の時期の天気自体はほぼ変わりませんが、桜の登場は新会計年度、新学年、と冬の締めを意味します。桜が咲き始まる日はすでに予測され、東京では、3月26日だと指定されています。さっそくパーティーの準備を!桜の下に、ピクニックが始ります。そして女性は季節に合わせてお着物を着るでしょう。待ち遠しいです!

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