The Quick Change Artist - 早変わりのアーティスト

One of my favourite parts about this project is my weekly kimono class. It's in an office building and from the outside looks like a typical office. But once you take off your shoes and go behind the screen that hides the inside from visitors' sight, it's a secret world. It is one large room, with floor to ceiling cupboards filled to the brim with kimono and all the parts necessary to wear kimono.


This week there were four classes going on at the same time; my beginner class, and higher level class plus two 'dresser' classes. Some occassions, like weddings, Coming of Age Day and graduation ceremonies, the kimono is so intricate that usually dressers are brought in to help. That's where the mannequins come in.  A room full of women, of all ages, engaged in various stages and level of dressing in kimono. So fun.


Half the women are already in kimono when they arrive at school, and then undress and redress, and half come in street clothes, put on the school's kimono and then return to street clothes at the end of class. This is how I go.... leaving wearing street clothes (all my kimono things in the blue bag) and returning fully dressed (all street clothes in the blue bag). A quick change artist. I wonder what the neighbours think?!

その女性達の半分は、着物姿で学校に通い、1回脱いでからもう1度教室で着るのです。残りの半分は洋服で来、学校の着物に着替え、クラスが終わったらまた私服に着替えて帰るのです。私の変身パターンはこうです: 私服で家を出て、ブルーバッグには着物。学校帰りは、着物姿で私服がブルーバッグの中。まさに早変わりのようですよね。近所の方はどう思っているのだろう?!

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