Breaking the rules - ルールを破る

My mother always says I was a willful child. Saturday night was one of those nights when I was in a willful mood. A friend was having a party. I wanted to wear kimono, but I wanted to wear it my way. I wanted looser hair, I wanted red lipstick, I wanted a 'party' look to go with my kimono. So I did it.


And the whole time I was thinking - I might get kicked out of kimono school for this one. I know, because I have been well taught, that the beauty of kimono starts with the nagajuban (the under kimono). And it was the one piece I didn't want to wear. The stiff white collar felt too 'proper' for the kind of casual evening I was about to spend. So I left it at home (gasp!)


Like it is with willful children - sometimes it's better to let them learn from their mistakes. Although I loved the look without the nagajuban, the kimono didn't lie well and it was hard to keep the back fabric pulled flat. Hopefully no one noticed!


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