Reflections on Kimono - 着物について

So imagine this; you've been to the doctor and to the gym and now you are rushing to put on your kimono to go grocery shopping before it rains but you can't get your otaiko masubi (drum bow) right. Perspiration is breaking out on your upper lip, you are so frustrated you might cry and you think "if I don't get it this time, I give up." And then like magic, it all comes together, you walk outside and people start to smile at you and greet you and say things like "oh, so beautiful!"


The transformation was so sudden, my husband remarked "this kimono is like a super-hero costume! You put it on, and immediately you become 'beauty woman'! You just need a super-power!" Alright, I'm not exactly a super-hero, but he is right. Regardless of how hard it is to get the kimono perfect sometimes or how tired I feel, the Japanese reactions always buoy me and really lift my spirits. (If you missed it, you can read about the opposite effect kimono has on Canadians here.)


Yesterday I heard comments like / 昨日はこういう言葉を頂きました:

"You are beautiful, even from behind!" Which sounds funny as I write it, but I knew she meant that I had gotten my otaiko masubi (drum bow) right. 「後ろから見てもきれいですね!」書くとちょっと可笑しいですが、帯の結び方がきれいにできたという意味だと分かりました。

"Edo Blue makes me happy!" 「江戸ブルー大好き!」

"So beautiful!" 「美しい!」

So, it's all got my husband wondering. Two things, actually. Firstly, he wonders if the same thing would happen if he were to put on kimono. Would people rush up to him and say "oh, so handsome!"
And secondly,  if there is a 'super-hero'/ beauty costume in Western culture? One where the moment you put it on you go from being a tired, run-of-the-mill person - to eye-catching! Do we have one? I don't think so.
Oh, kimono - how lovely you truly are!


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  1. That is true that we get great comment! I mean I wore a Yukata I bought last summer for the first time for a charity event for Japan in my Quebec. I didnt really got comment from canadian because I hidded it when I was outside ( I didnt wanted boring comment ) But when I was there ...there was many japanese girl and all. I got plenty of ''kawaii''. Even one of them ajusted my obi ( firs time doing it XD ). I will probably wear it again this summer for Matsuri event ! Thought I would probably feel too shy to wear it in Japan ...I find you very couragous !!!! Your Kimono are really good looking !!! ^^


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