Grocery Shopping - 食品買い物

People often ask me: 'do you wear kimono every day?" And I have to answer: "no, not every day." And the reason is this... my life is busy, and sometimes kimono doesn't always work for a modern, urban woman's lifestyle. For example - some days I work at a different location from my home, stop off and do yoga, then meet up with some friends in a smokey izakya (Japanese bar). Kimono works well in the beginning of the day, but as the day goes on, it gets more complicated; the yoga studio is small - where would I fold my kimono before yoga class begins, the bar is smokey - the kimono would have to be cleaned before I wore it again. So I have to answer: "no, not every day."


And when I meet women in kimono, I ask them the same question. And then if they say yes, I ask them "even to the grocery store?" I don't know why I have fixated on this, the most mundane of chores, but it's my test. Firstly, you have to leave the house. There are two safe bets on what occassion works for kimono; you are going 'out' and it's occassion wear or you put it on every morning like most people put on their clothes (without thinking about it) and that's it. But for some reason, this idea of wearing it grocery shopping marks the test. And most women answer: "no, not for grocery shopping."


So I decided to try it. I was out, I was in kimono, and it was my grocery day. Kimono is great for shopping - but it's the after shopping part where kimono doesn't quite work. Luckily, my photographer (my husband) also carries the bags!



  1. Hey my other comments didn't seem to go through so I will try again: I just loveyour blog! I find it very interesting! There's so many questions I want to ask you but my main one is; what's your view on wearing older kimono (like the old ones you find at flee markets) out and about?

  2. Hi kimonofan,
    Thanks for your comments. I love old kimono - 3 of my kimono are recycled (used) and they are silk and stunning. Buying older kimono is a great way to add them to your wardrobe at an affordable price!
    Of course, I have to be careful when I and out and about, but that's because they are silk, not because they are older.
    It's actually going out in kimono at night I worry about more - being in an izakya or bar in a kimono, then I prefer the new ones because they are polyester and easier to clean if something spilled.

  3. Oh interesting! I myself have alot of older kimono by I must say your collection is stunning! I am not as brave as you i would worry that people would be like oh thats an "outdated kimono, oh based on your experience do styles change much?

    Thanks so much!

  4. I don't think you need to worry about that - you need more to worry that the pattern / style matches the season, or your marital status - those are the points more that people look for.

  5. Ahhh I see maybe I will give it a go sometime! Last question as I feel I am taking up alot of comments ^_^' what's the most interesting thing someone has said to you while you were in kimono?


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