Learning to dress others - 着つけ師のお勉強

I've been at kimono school and wearing my own kimono since January! And I still love it. I played sports when I was younger, was a brownie then a girl guide, a camper then a camp counsellor, but nothing really compares to the community of kimono school. This is the first time in my whole life where I go to a 'secret girls' place' (no boys allowed) and play dress up, every week!


I'm nearing the end of my course and I can dress myself so now its time to learn how to dress others. I've mentioned before how difficult tying an obi (the sash) behind your back can be. So you can imagine what it's like to tie an intricate or formal bow. Awwwk! You need help.


That's when you need a dresser. Of course, I'll never be a dresser, but its been fun to relearn what I know when looking down at myself (or reaching behind myself) and what I have to relearn on someone (or something - lots of it is done on mannequin).


"Real" kimono dressers study for 3+ years! That's why if you've ever been dressed in a kimono - it happens in such a whirlwind. They are not only well practiced but studied.  I will never be a 'dresser' and I'm sad to see my days in kimono school days coming to an end.


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