Searching for Yukata - 浴衣探し

The count-down is on.... in a very short time, it will be yukata (lightweight, summer kimono) season! If you've followed this blog for a while, you know that since the beginning, I've been waiting for yukata season. Literally. From the very inception of this project I remember thinking "how hard can it be to wear a kimono? besides, it won't be long until yukata season is here" - those were the days when I thought yukata season started sometime around mid-March (oops!) But come the first of July, it's here, it's here!! And, of course, like all things kimono - I'm having trouble finding something that would fit. The standard "L" size yukata fits a woman up to 163 cms. (have I mentioned I'm 172 cms?) - which wouldn't be a problem except apparently yukata shrink. So the day found me back in Asakusa searching for an ooki (big) yukata. The search is still on.



If you live in the Tokyo area, and have caught "The Year in Kimono" bug - and want to give it a try, we are arranging an event in July (near Shibuya station). The event will include a lesson, a yukata and obi  (sash) - everything you need (except footwear) for 6,000¥. You can join even if you have yukata and just want a refresher on how to dress yourself (just 2,100¥)! Leave a comment below and we will send you the details by the 10th of July.



  1. Me please!! (susan2323@yahoo.com)

  2. Me too! starkodama at gmail dot com. :)


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