Breaking the Rules: meet Shito Hisayo - ルールを破る:紫籐尚世

My adventures in yukata hunting led me to the most beautiful kimono boutique in Omotesando and the chance to meet designer Shito Hisayo, who started designing her eponymous line over 35 years ago. What makes the designer, and her collection, unique is her approach. Shying away from the traditional use of a single tan (bolt of fabric), Hasayo instead focuses on fabric, pattern and color in an effort to allow women to look slimmer through texture, lines and fabrics.


Hand-made, attention is given to every detail of the kimono, including her own signature nagajuban (under kimono) which is lightweight and sleeveless (the extra layer is incorporated into the lower part of the kimono sleeve). This feature, as well as a very structured eri (collar), which lays down and allows the neck to look more elegant, are all secrets Hisayo employs to slim the wearer and let her appear at her most elegant best.


When questioned about waste (traditionally a kimono is a 'zero-waste' garment - meaning that without patterning and cutting and by using a single tan - there is no fabric waste in the construction of kimono), Hisayo was quick to point out that each of her kimono obi comes with additional accent pieces, almost mini-obi, to complement the look and re-use extra fabric. Her gorgeous accessory line including geta and purses, in typical Japanese fashion, also uses excess fabric.


One of Hisayo's kimono or yukata would be a gorgeous asset to any wardrobe (not mine, sadly - as this project is on a budget) - and she is the first kimono designer I've met who is breaking the rules and the result is gorgeous.


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  1. How cool is that! So far I also met only 1 kimono designer (Yumi Yamamoto) and I think she also is breaking the rules, although is a different way. :)


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