At the photography museum - 写真の博物館で

In case you hadn't noticed, one of my other passions is photography! Tokyo has an amazing Photographic museum and last week we had a chance to visit! I tried to match the woman in kimono and become part of the picture!


And then we walked around the gardens near the museum. People keep asking about the situation now in Japan, and it is improving slowly but surely. The nuclear disaster is the thing that most affects Tokyoites, and that we take day-by-day.


The radiation levels in the city seem to be reducing and, as we enter typhoon season, most storms and strong wind will continue that trend as they move from south to north, or west to east.


And Japan is re-examining their nuclear power plans and plants, and looking forward to re-creating themselves as leaders in the 'clean energy' fields. Lots to smile about!


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  1. gorgeous! :) i love reading your adventures in kimono! this purple one might be my favorite so far! :) xx


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