Tying Taiko - 太鼓結び

As I mentioned in an earlier post - my first two months of kitsuke (kimono wearing lessons) I learned about kimono types and perfected getting dressed on my own (now down to less than 15 minutes!). But most of those lessons ended with me still wearing a Hanhaba (half width) obi - which I can tie quickly and painlessly and still get dressed in about 15 minutes. Time to start perfecting the Taiko (named for the shape of the famous Japanese drum) knot on a Nagoya (full width) obi.


Not only is the obi wider, it's tied and arranged mostly behind your back (here my sensei leads and I try to follow).


But it has more things attached to it, the least of which is the flair (decorative pieces) such as the Obiage (a scarf-like piece of cloth - seen here in pink) and the Obijime (the decorative rope).


However, when it's done, there's no denying that it creates a more polished look. Not to mention a huge sense of pride!


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