Out in the Neighbourhood - 近所にお出かけ

Oh my gosh.... I need to go back to Kimono-school a.s.a.p. Today, it took me almost an hour to get dressed, and just when I thought I might be ready I looked down and realized my inner layer was hanging below my outer layer! But after an hour and a half of dressing, I ventured down to my local flower shop to buy some flowers.


Luckily, my hair doesn't take me long. Thanks to this Hair Zing, that is all the rage here, I can get my hair up in about 5 minutes! I think after a few more classes at Kimono-school, I will venture to the kimono hairdressers to learn how to look a little more polished. But for now the hair zing is a dream. Too bad there isn't a 'kimono-zing'!

しかし、ヘアスタイルの準備はHair Zingのおかげで五分で出来上がったのでとても簡単!着物学院に通い始めたらきっともっときちんとしたヘアスタイルをできる。でもそれまではhair zingを使い続ける。ああ、「着物zing」というのがあったら楽なのに!

Today was one of the coldest days of the year and I was lucky to have my wrap, but it wasn't nearly warm enough  for me. Already I was dreaming of warmer days and yukata ( a lighter, cotton kimono that is supposedly not only easier to put on and wear but very cool on hot summer days).  However, my shoes were a joy! I got some looks and received a few comments of 'suteki' (lovely) as I tried to walk in slower, smaller steps.


But the best moment was when I was trying to pose for this picture, a tiny, old lady couldn't stop staring as she approached, and then when she passed me, she turned around and started laughing. A true, deep laugh that of course brought me to laughter.


And before we could we could catch her laughing at me, we ran out of memory on the camera.


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