Out in Ginza − 銀座にお出かけ

I visited the Ikeda Shigeko Collection: The Elegance of Kimono collection at Matsuya Ginza. The exhibit featured about 60 kimono from Ikeda's collection of 8,000 kimono and accessories. Each was shown on dress forms complete with obi, obijime cord, ornamental obi clasp, neckpiece and sandals, helping to paint a complete picture of how the kimono were worn.


We were able to peruse all things kimono including traditional textile vendors (to make you own kimono), antique and recycled kimono as well as a demonstration of how the obijime cord is woven.


The event was filled with women, some in kimono and some not. I was thrilled that when we decided to have lunch I chose something that I hoped I could eat delicately and not spill (my first meal). This Chirashi-zushi(bits of sushi on top of rice) was perfect!


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