Shopping at the Market − マーケットで買い物

Shopping for kimono gear is getting expensive! I have three kimono now but only 4 obi: each kimono should have at least 3 obi to increase it's wearability and offer different looks for each kimono. But more pressingly, I need a winter coat or wrap and zōri (kimono shoes). Like everything, you can buy kimono and their accessories in shops or department stores or scout around markets and second hand shops for better prices and vintage and recycled pieces.


The Oedo Antique Market in central Tokyo is one of my favourite markets. So on the first market of the year, I was there looking chiefly for a wrap and shoes but found myself distracted by beautiful obi. I love black, and in a perfect world I would wear black kimono with bright obi - and maybe motorcycle boots. It's difficult to think about pairing my own fashion sense with the traditional style that is not from my culture. Match that with my size, and it means that if I want to keep the cost down I need to wear what is available in my size. On with the shopping...


After several hours or browsing and picking through stalls I came away with a great recycled fur wrap that will hopefully keep me warm, and a handbag. Still need to find shoes.


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