Yukata, finally - やっと浴衣!!

I'm back from my vacation in Vietnam. It was so much fun ! We had such a lovely time and enjoyed the food, the people and the culture. And although I didn't wear kimono - I did see kimono while I was there... in this ad!


I've been struggling with my yukata search for a while, now. They are either too short or they fit 'just right' but I was warned they might shrink after the first washing. So, in desperation, late one night night I turned to the internet. After all, it had been successful for me with the zōri (traditonal kimono shoes), so why not with yukata? I was so excited - I found a company, with an English website, they had LL size yukatas, in cute patterns and for only about 4,000 yen ($45 USD). So I ordered one! It arrived after only 3 days, but arghhh - it is too short!


Then a friend offered to take me to a store they knew, in Shimokitazawa, and finally I found my yukata! The summer is in it's fullest, hottest wave and I finally have a yukata!!



  1. I think that color is so flattering with your skin tone. It's so pretty :)

  2. Sory to intrude, but I saw your blog (and this post catched my eye) because Aubergine Fleur linked it and I enjoy reading it a lot, thank you!
    The blue one is gorgeous!
    The white one I regognize from the shop where I work, I am afraid we call them "tourist yukata" and for costumers a bit more polite, yukata/bathrobes adapted to the western use. So they are much shorter and come with a belt (in the sleeve)
    Do you know Ichiroya? They sell large yukata too, sometimes.


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