The perfect sundress – 格好のサンドレス

Summer is lovely, isn’t it? Great weather, great food, great occasions to spend time with friends, and great clothes. Before The Year in Kimono project– summer clothes always meant ‘sundresses’ to me. That single, lightweight garment, usually good for day or night, that you could just throw on and go. And I’m happy to find that a yukata is almost like that too. No socks, no padding, no nagajuban! It’s bliss! Of course, the padding is still supposed to be there, but what would summer be without breaking the rules just a little.


And I can see why Japanese women like yukata. Given how hot the summer sun is in Japan, and how prone it is to leaving sunspots, Japanese women often cover all exposed skin from the sun – which is exactly what a yukata does. Arms – covered, legs – covered, chest – covered!  The only parts not covered by a yukata are: the tops of the feet – but they are usually protected by the shadow of the yukata, and the face.. but for that you can use a parasol. So if it was merely for fashion…. which look would you prefer?


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