Dressing Yourself (online resources) - 自分で着付け(オンライン資料)

Many of the followers of this project live abroad, can't commit to taking kitsuke (kimono lessons), or merely need a quick refresher on 'how to get dressed. So today I'll share with you my favourite online resources (all in English):


Kimono / 着物:

Before I even found Hakubi Kimono School - I was looking for online sources about kimono and kimono dressing. This video amazed me the first time I saw it and it has has been my inspiration - she gets dressed (and ties her obi) in 6 minutes! I'm still trying to be that fast!! (I'm down to about 15-20 minutes, now).


This is also one of my favourites - whenever I need Nagoya (full-size) obi tying help, I turn to a Canadian (pure coincidence) who films this tutorial in her tea house in Canada. In a little over 5 minutes, she covers how to tie an Nagoya (full-size) obi.


Yukata / 浴衣:

And now that we are in yukata-season, if you can't make it to our 'learn to wear yukata' Summer Kimono Event, this online tutorial might help. A simple, how-to for yukata wearers.


And last but not least - before I learned how to tie Nagoya (full-size) obi, I used to turn to this online instruction guide. Now that we are in yukata season - this is great as a quick guide to hanhaba (half-size) obi bow.


And lastly, when all the fun is done here's a brief reminder of how to fold your yukata and/or kimono for the next time.


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  1. Another fantastic resource is the site Immortal Geisha. They have their own Wiki now too, with translated information on pretty much anything and everything.


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