Summer Kimono Event - 夏の着物イベント

This week we held our first event! Our Summer Kimono Event was a chance to visit my kimono school and take a lesson on how to wear yukata. The event was open to any woman; those who already had yukata and those who were trying it for the first time (one of the lesson prices included a yukata).


Choosing a yukata and obi is not as easy as it sounds. First, there's your personal preference of colours, and trying to find a yukata in a colour combination - with a print - that you like. Next is the challenge of finding a contrasting obi that suits both the yukata and your taste.


Of course, all of that is the outside, there are still the hidden pieces that bring it all together. However, the pieces are so few compared to kimono, that it makes yukata the perfect kimono to learn on.


Even the obi's are easier for beginners, as they are smaller and tied in the front (and then pulled around to the back).


In the end, everyone had fun -


"Thank you for giving me a wonderful opportunity to revisit my culture" - S

"A big thank you for organising the event - I like yukata much more than kimono." - J

Then a few of us went out for a drink in our yukatas. I tried to pick somewhere that would look as 'pretty' as we did - so I chose Frames (in Daikanyama). But in the end, it looks like we are celebrating Christmas in yukata! I wonder if it's possible to celebrate Christmas in yukata in Okinawa.... hmmmm!


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